An exciting short film completed in September of 2015.
Now on the international film festival competition circuit!

Do you love me? Do you love my art?

Film-Poster-for-PSTX-web-page 8x10-Portrait-of-an-Artist

Portrait Of An Artist is an intimate interpersonal dialog
exploring the ethereal world of every artist.

An introspective into the relevance of any artist.

A visual journey of beauty and emotional conflict.

The film integrates a historical journey through art history and the human psyche. Filmed from the perspective of a female artist, the expose highlights the vulnerabilities experienced by a female artist in the sometimes harsh and cruel environment of the world we live in.

Beyond the gender perspective, the film explores the echoing dialog every artist contemplates with his or her own conscious. Torn between the passionate drive to perfect their art and the constant reminder of their long-term irrelevance in human history. Accentuated by the on going dialog every artist entertains with their audience, the intended receptor of all of their time consuming arduous efforts.

Visually the film is a journey through the history of art and humanity, or inhumanity. We are guided through our adventure by the talented beauty of Misty Kimbrell. Toward the end of the film we are reminded of our own weaknesses and failures. Our shared visual experience ends as a reminder of the act of eternal love. Which as always, changes us forever.

Total Running Time: 11 minutes, 22 seconds

Producer, Writer, Director, Editor – Fernando J. Llorente

Lead Talent and Actress – Misty Kimbrell

The film employs over 100 images of paintings and photographs covering the past five centuries. Aside from the video and images of the filmmaker, all other images are from the archives of public domain works and images. The complete list of the images in the film, the artists and any copyright or attribution information can be found here. 

For more information on the film,
or to contact the filmmakers,
email fernando@pstx.com

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